Student Forum

Opiskelijafoorumi (Student Forum) is Student Union Helga’s relaxed advocacy network where all Haaga-Helia students who are interested in advocacy are welcome. The Student Forum is a two-part service that consists of the Student Forum live (events), which are held every quarter, and the Student Forum digital (Facebook group).

You can participate by joining the Student Forum group on Facebook, which is for having active discussions on current issues and the collection of fresh ideas for the advocacy work of the student union. Haaga-Helia’s student union Helga is responsible for the upkeep of the group.

Student forum live

In addition, Helga organizes Student forum advocacy evenings four times a year, to which everyone is also welcome. Student forum evenings usually review the current topics regarding Helga and the student associations, and discuss current topics regarding student
life that are selected for them. Even as an exception, we have not succumbed to the cancellation of the Student forum events, but have renewed the concept by moving the Student forum completely to social media. See the latest Student forums in the Memories section of Instagram.