Excel Workshop


Lisäapua Excelissä Video julkaistaan Helgan verkkokoulutusalustalla ja työpaja pidetään 21.11. klo 17:30-19:00 Zoom linkki Excel työpajaan: https://haaga-helia.zoom.us/j/69230412294 Lue tiedote työpajoista täältä: https://helga.fi/lisaohjausta-tarjolla-exelista-ja-wordista/

Word Workshop


Lisäapua Wordissa Video julkaistaan Helgan verkkokoulutusalustalla ja työpaja pidetään 23.11. klo 8:00-9:30 Zoom linkki Word työpajaan: https://haaga-helia.zoom.us/j/69619429761 Lue tiedote työpajoista täältä: https://helga.fi/lisaohjausta-tarjolla-exelista-ja-wordista/

The Cursed Cande – Riddle event

Pasilan kampus Ratapihantie 13Helsinki,

Have you been waiting for your invitation to Hogwarts but it has yet to arrive? Now is your chance to channel your inner wizard and help in the final defeat […]

Helga’s Annual Gala

Welcome to celebrate 16-year-old Helga! The Annual Gala is a table party that consists of a three-course meal and special programme. The table party lasts for approximately five hours. Especially […]

Blood Donation Event in Porvoo 1st of December

Do good, reach out your hand! Together with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Helga organizes a blood donation event at the Porvoo campus. Blood donors from every blood group […]

Good together: PreXmas party 2022

Christmas is approaching and it's time to do good together again! Haaga-Helia's associations and student union Helga have joined forces for a good cause and are organizing a PreXmas mini-Christmas […]