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Freshers´ Day

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Why is Freshers’ Day organized?

The aim of the event is to group new students, ie freshers, to introduce them to student culture and to maintain student culture. And of course have fun!

What is Freshers’ Day?

The Freshers’ Day is a checkpoint tour for new students, which often also has an after party per the students ’request. Fresher’s Day often begins after lunch, often resulting in either full-day or afternoon classes being canceled. Freshers’ Day is held in the center of Helsinki, and students on the campuses of Haaga, Malmi and Pasila commute to the checkpoints on their own. Bus transfers to and from Helsinki will be arranged for Porvoo students. The Vierumäki campus has its own version of the day.

The checkpoint tour is attended with your own class group with the help of tutors and the checkpoint map. There are usually about 27 checkpoints, and in addition to Helga, they are held by various partners and Haaga-Helia associations. On the checkpoint you perform various fun tasks that earn points. It is possible to get 0-100 points from regular checkpoints and 0-200 points from the Helga checkpoint. There may not always be logic in determining points, but the checkpoint holders have been instructed to score groups of students who exude good group spirit in a rewarding way. A group shout or song with a theme can also help get extra points from the checkpoints.

Freshers’ Day always has a theme that encourages students to dress. As a dress code, we recommend student coveralls + themed costumes! All groups participating in the Freshers’ Day will also be automatically entered into a competition that will reward the groups that have had the best score, best costumes and best team spirit in the checkpoint round. The best scores are calculated based on the returned scorecards and the best costumes and team spirit are evaluated together with the checkpoint holders and organizers.

Due to the cold weather, the checkpoints during spring are often located inside partnering restaurants. Autumn checkpoints, on the other hand, are generally always outdoor checkpoints and are often located in different park areas.

How to participate in the Freshers’ Day?

Tickets for the Freshers’ Day are purchased from Helga’s online store Different tickets for different degree programs will be created in Kideapp under the event. For example, SEBBA A, GLOBBA A or EXCH A. Freshers’ Day tickets are purchased together with the tutor of your own group so that everyone is sure to choose the right group and get their tickets. Fresher’s Days ticket includes the checkpoint tour, after party and coverall patch. Sometimes it’s also possible to buy a ticket for just the after party.

The day starts from the lobby of Pasila at about 14:00. Often, groups meet in a pre-booked classroom to prepare their costumes, performances, or songs. Each fresher group is given a goodie bag, which one of your group’s tutors will pick up from Helga at the Pasila event market at 14:00. The goodie bag contains a paper clip, bracelets for the after party, coverall patches and often various gifts / coupons from our partners.

The bus from Porvoo leaves at 14:00, so it will be in Helsinki 15:00, when the checkpoints open. Porvoo’s goodie bags should be picked up from Pasila by one of the tutors.

Each participant is asked to remember

Like all other events at Helga, Freshers’ Day is an event free from harassment and bullying. This means that any harassment, bullying, humiliation or other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable. If you see or encounter improper behaviour, please contact us or the harassment contact persons designated for the event immediately. Helga’s tutors have also been trained to assist in such situations.

We wish you a wonderful Freshers’ Day!