Representative Council

What does the Council do?

  • Elects the members of the executive board of Helga
  • Guides and supervises the acts of the executive board
  • Confirms the previous years’ annual report and financial statements
  • Elects the student representatives to various positions
  • Determines the amount of the membership fee
  • Confirms the next years plan of operation and budget
  • Decides over on the strategy and other guidelines of the student union

The Council

The Representative Council uses the highest authority in the Student Union. The council consists of 20 members and 20 vice-members, who are all elected by the members of the Student Union. The working language is Finnish.


  1. Miron Juhanpelto, Petrol Blues
    2. Joni Lappalainen, HH United
    3. Simo Halme, Petrol Blues
    4. Ilmari Immonen, Helgan punavihreät
    5. Arsi Koskinen, HH United
    6. Eemeli Valli, Petrol Blues
    7. Saara Ukkonen, Petrol Blues
    8. Aleksi Nikander, HH United
    9. Santtu Körkkö, Petrol Blues
    10. Diana Muraskina, Helgan punavihreät
    11. Riikka Akkanen, HH United
    12. Satu Hurme, Petrol Blues
    13. Emil Aalto, Petrol Blues
    14. Jenni Moisander, HH United
    15. Werneri Mesimäki, Helgan punavihreät
    16. Tahko Väänänen, Petrol Blues
    17. Sebastian Bergman, Petrol Blues
    18. Anna Orivuori, Petrol Blues
    19. Leia Alapuranen, Helgan Vihreät
    20. Matti Pussinen, HH United

Deputy members:

21. Kaisa Manner, Petrol Blues
22. Elle Filander, Kokoomuksen Opiskelijat


Who may attend the meetings?

All members of the Student Union have the right to attend and speak in the meetings of the Representative Council. The Representative Council may, however, decide to limit these rights during the meeting, if necessary.

Usually there is also a live-stream of the meetings on Helga’s YouTube.

I want to apply! How do I join the Representative Council?

All members of the Representative Council are elected by the members of Helga. To be able to participate in the decision-making process and the work of the council, you need to understand and be able to communicate in Finnish.

Member initiative

Do you want to influence Helga’s activities or open a discussion about important topics within the Student Union? Have you noticed a problem that should be addressed? Make a member initiative!

Every member of Helga has the right to make an initiative. According to Helga’s rules, an initiative needs the support of twenty (20) members for the initiative to proceed to consideration of the Representative Council. However, we, the Student Union Helga, want to encourage member activity, so even if the initiative does not have enough supporters, the Board or Representative Council can still consider the matter important to discuss. However, it is good to remember that the more supporters there are, the faster things move.

Concrete proposals or ideas can be written in the initiative. Not all initiatives can be implemented, but the ideas that come up in them are considered in Helga’s operations and written down for the future.

Make a member initiative through the button below. We will be in touch when we receive your initiative. On the right side you can read the translation of Helga’s rules Section 8. Right of initiative.

8 § Right of initiative

Each member of the Representative Council or twenty (20) members of the Student Union has the right to initiate an initiative to the Representative Council. The initiative is addressed to the Board, which issues a statement on it. The initiative will be discussed at the next possible Representative Council meeting.

The first signatory of the initiative has the right to be heard at the meeting of the Representative Council and the Board. The first signatory of the initiative must be notified of the decision made.

Every member of the Student Union can submit an initiative to the Board. The first signatory of the initiative must be notified of the decision made.

My question wasn’t answered here!
Who can I send my question to?

You may send any question you have about the operations of the Student Union by contacting the council’s chairperson.

Ilmari Immonen

Ilmari Immonen

Chairperson of the Representative Council

Joni Lappalainen

Joni Lappalainen

Vice-chairperson of the Representative Council