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Helga´s Speksi

Why is Helga´s Speksi organized?

Helga´s Speksi dates back to the Student Culture 2.0 project implemented in 2016, the purpose of it was to find out what is Student Culture in Helga in the future – especially based on the wishes of the members. Speksi became one of the key ideas produced by Student Culture 2.0, and Speksi was launched in the spring of 2017 to meet the growing demand for non-alcoholic and cultural events. Helga’s first Speksi, Meloni Oy, premiered in May 2018.

What is Helga´s Speksi?

Helga´s Speksi is an interactive musical play for students, produced by members of the student union. Its purpose is to provide for Helga members opportunities for leisure activities, networking, fostering creativity and strengthening student culture. Helga´s Speksi will be presented in the springtime.

Speksi is a student play rooted in the culture of universities, which combines music, improvisation and dance. Speksi´s specialty is the Omstart! -shout, which is the way the audience can influence the course of the play. After the shout, the screamer tells what he / she wants to see on stage. For example, “Omstart! Characters X and Y switch roles! ” forcing actors on stage to switch roles for a moment. Only the imagination is the limit when the audience and the actors try to wade to the end of the spectacle without falling into laughter.

How to participate in Helga´s Speksi?

Unfortunately, Helga’s Speksi is currently on break. We are trying to start the club again as soon as possible. Join Helga’s Speksi’s Telegram group here.

You can read more about Helga’s other club activities here!

Production team members

Production team
Production team is Helga’s action group which is responsible for Helga’s Speksi production. The production team is selected for the production period which is not tight with the calendar year.
Production team uses Helga’s Speksi social media channels to communicate about the production process and requirements for Speksi. In Helga’s Speksi channels you can find behind the scenes material. Helga’s Speksi is active on Instagram and Facebook (@helganspeksi) You can also contact Helga’s Speksi for more info at

Band Manager
Helgan Speksi band manager puts the band together, schedules and conducts band rehearsals, composes and arranges Speksi music with the band members, directs the songs, and works in the production team. They will see to it that the music has been implemented in terms of the story effectively. The band manager takes care of the band’s group spirit and guides the players towards a unified sound. He/She also advises singers with the rhythm and purity of the song, and assists with any musical expression as needed.

Executive Scriptwriter
The task of the Executive screenwriter is to create frames for Speksi and his/her team. He/she designs and implements the structure, content, and characters of the script together with the team. The screenwriting team is at Speksi throughout the year, but brainstorming and production work is done in late summer / early fall.

Set Manager
As a set manager you are in charge of the visual appearance of Speksi and you will get to plan and implement the sets together with your team. Some of the sets will be purchased ready, but some will be built from scratch, so you will get to use your hand skills.

Marketing Manager
The marketing manager is responsible for external and internal communication of the production. The marketing team designs and implements marketing materials, is responsible for social media content and ensures Speksi´s visibility as part of the student culture.

It is the task of the Speksi director to bring the script to the stage with his/hers own vision and directing. The director, so to speak, has all the threads in their hands and is responsible for the role of each actor. As a director, it would also be good to know how to stay cool and up to date on everything that happens in the play. They should also be able to plan all rehearsals in advance so that there are no unnecessary breaks and adjustments. As a director, it is also important to be able to communicate with the rest of the production team on matters related to the play.

Costumes and Make-up Team Manager
As a Costumes and make-up team manager, you design the make-up and costumes for actors and dancers with your team. You schedule all the meetings and who does what in the team. You get the clothes and accessories you need for all the character´s costumes and make-up. You collaborate with actors and dancers. On rehearsal days and show times, you commit to being in the theater all day.

Dance- and choreography manager
Helga´s Speksi Dance Manager selects a dance team, schedules and conducts rehearsals, choreographs and chooses choreographers for all dances, and assists in the choosing of the production´s songs. The Dance Manager also works closely with the Costume Manager to ensure that the dancers’ outfits are suitable for the choreographies. He/She also makes sure that the rehearsals run smoothly and that all choreographies are done on time and fit into the performance.

Event Coordinator
As an Event Coordinator, you will be able to plan and execute events related to Speksi, such as sitz, student parties and other promotions where the aim is to market Speksi. The Event Coordinator can also brainstorm recreational days for the Speksi team. In this job enthusiasm and diligence goes a long way and only the imagination is the limit.

Technical Manager
As the Technical Manager, you are responsible for the operation of Speksi´s Light and Sound Technology. In this task, the technical devices become very familiar. You make sure that the actors and the band’s sound equipment operates well. The lights create the right mood for Speksi. In addition, the video from the show will be recorded by you.

The Executive Producer of Speksi is responsible for ensuring that many of the various Speksi teams work well as a single entity and he/she arranges meetings for the production team to keep everyone up with the project. Producer ensures adherence to the budget and acquires the production partners and external funding. The well-being of the production team and team members is another important concern for the producer. Promoting a good spirit through, for example, recreation days is the responsibility of the producer and the producer is the person to whom any Speksi team member can turn to in good, bad or any other production-related problem.

Producer´s Assistant
As a Producer’s Assistant, you work closely with the Executive Speksi Producer. You’ll get to work on establishing a sponsor relationship and help with other important production-related issues, such as arranging meetings and arranging training spaces for Speksi.