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Your Sanctuary

Student advocacy is one of Helga’s most important and statutory tasks.
This means acting as the students’ voice inside Haaga-Helia and on municipal and national levels.

The students’ voice is being heard thanks to representation in Haaga-Helia’s decision making organs, public statements, different work groups, political influencing work, decision making and advocacy services that are available for all Haaga-Helia students.

Helga’s purpose is to support students in any given situation, and make sure that students’ everyday life, welfare and wellbeing are secured.

Helga aims to affect decisions that concern all students in Haaga-Helia. This means affecting the quality of education, systems used by Haaga-Helia and the student feedback process.

National advocacy is done in close co-operation with the Union of Student Unions in Finland – SAMOK and Students’ Sports Federation (OLL). In addition, Helga is taking part in Opku+ co-operation, which involves seven other Student Unions. Helga is also taking a part of the decision making at HOAS, and one of the founding members of World Student Capital ry, which takes care of municipal influencing in the capital region.

One of the statutory tasks of Helga’s representative council is to select student representatives to the Haaga-Helia administration.

You can read more about Helga’s advocacy work and services from their own sections.

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