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Why is tutoring organized?

Tutoring is one of the most prominent services of the student union. Those purple-shirted everyday heroes of advocacy are the salvation of every novice student. You can always turn to our tutors who are in our community for all students.

What is tutoring?

Tutoring is peer tutoring where the student is assisted by a fellow student. Haaga-Helia has three different tutor groups, which consist of Haaga-Helia students: peer tutors, exchange tutors and head tutors. The student union Helga coordinates tutoring activities in Haaga-Helia.

How to apply to be a Tutor?
Our peer and exchange tutors are recruited every year in February. Any student with a Helga membership can apply as a tutor.

What are the benefits of Tutoring?
Credits are also awarded for tutoring. At the end of your tutor term, you will complete a tutor report in which you will answer various questions regarding your term as a Helga tutor. The report must also be accompanied by a scanned tutor pass signed by your head tutor so that we know that you have completed the required hours for the number of credits you want. So don’t waste your tutor passport!

Once you have completed the report, deliver it to the head tutor of your degree program/campus, who will then deliver it to the Helga expert. You are automatically added to the tutoring course once you have been selected as a tutor, so credits will come to you within a few weeks of the report being returned.

What is a tutor pass?
The tutor pass is a small paper booklet that you will receive in the training. In this little booklet, you need to collect the things you do during your tutoring. We are moving to an electronic version, but for now we are still using a paper booklet.

How to fill in a tutor pass?

You enter the date, event and number of hours in the passport, for example: Tutorstart 18.8. 3 h. Each event entry is followed by a small column for the signature, which is signed by your head tutor, if you have completed the task in question as you have marked it. The signature of the head tutor serves as proof of completion. These entries are important when applying for credits, as the tutor pass is scanned into a report that you return to the student union expert. Hours should be collected 27 per 1 credit, so you need 81 hours if you want 3 credits. If you work in two seasons (fall and spring) you are entitled to 5 credits if you have accumulated 135 hours. Tutor can get more information from TutorNet or from your head tutor. More information about the tutoring you can get via email