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Orientation Week´s Climax

This event is free and intended for all new students.
The event is an opportunity to wear student coveralls for the first time!

Why is the Orientation Week Climax held?

The goal of the Orientation Week Climax is to group new students right at the beginning of their studies and to bring the student union Helga closer to the students.

What is the Orientation Week’s Climax?

Haaga-Helia organizes orientation weeks / start-up days / orientation days for new students every autumn and spring (the name is still taking shape). The week is full of new information, new faces and did we already say a lot of information? The never-ending flood will culminate at the Orientation Week’s Climax organized by Helga! The event will be held in Helsinki.

The Orientation Week´s Climax is an event aimed at new students at Haaga-Helia, which, as the name implies, is held every semester at the end of the Orientation Week on Friday. The event is usually held at Kaivohuone. In autumn, before going to Kaivohuone, people have gathered in Kaisaniemi Park for starters. At the Orientation Week’s Climax, you will meet new students from various degree programs in a relaxed manner. Orientation Week’s Climax typically hasn’t had any additional program during the day, but has provided a platform for getting to know each other.

Orientation Week’s Climax is also known as the first coverall event of the year. We also aim to introduce new students to the secrets of coverall culture right at the beginning of their studies and we encourage diving into the petrol blue sea as early as this first Friday.

How can I participate in the Orientation Week’s Climax?

Each new student will be given a ticket to the Orientation Week’s Climax when Helga comes to introduce themselves to the group. Alternatively, the ticket can also be electronic, in which case Helga or Helga’s tutors will instruct new students on how to redeem the virtual ticket. With the ticket, the student can participate in the Orientation Week’s Climax.

Each participant is asked to consider
Like all the other Helga events, Wellbeing Appro is free of harassment and bullying.This means that any kind of harassment, bullying, humiliating or other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable. If you see or meet any inappropriate behavior we ask you to contact us or the event’s harassment contact persons.
We wish a prosperous Climax to everyone!


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