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Credits for participating in student activities

Student Union Helga organizes a study module of 5 – 15 ECTS in Haaga-Helia as studification of the competences from student union, student organisation activity or acting as a student representative.

The University of Applied Sciences Act (932/2014) states that the student union shall contribute to preparing students for an active, cognizant and critical citizenship. The study module fulfills this task.

Via the study module Haaga-Helia has also committed to The Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development.


Credits earned from the study module vary between 5, 10 and 15 ECTS depending on student’s workload and activity. There is no time limit for passing the study module, however you do need to be registered as an attending student in Haaga-Helia. The maximum amount of credits that can be earned from the study module is 15.

When you want credits from the study module, please contact In your email please describe what have been your responsibilities in the student union, student organisation or as a student representative. Instructions for passing the module will be sent to you in response.

The study module doesn’t include credits from tutoring, as they are earned separately. Please read more about tutoring here.

More information

Helga’s specialist of advocacy and influencing
Rico Martikainen


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