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Coverall patches

These products are -50% for Helga members, excluding Zone coverall patches

Seldom do you see coveralls with no coverall patches at all. Collecting coverall patches is the essence of the whole thing. Coverall patches can tell you where the user of those coveralls has been to and what events they have attended. Coverall patches may also provide a clue as to how many years the student has studied. In the coveralls, you can also collect patches to your liking that tell about your personality or about the things you enjoy.

There is also a possibility to exchange the coverall patches. We recommend that you always carry a few coverall patches with you in your pocket so that you can go barter if needed. There are also a lot of different flea markets for coverall patches on Facebook where patches change owners.

Coverall patches are collected throughout studies. You can also buy patches from Helga and other student associations, for example, and earn them by participating in various local and national events. Remember to follow the etiquette when sewing coverall patches. Helga sells coverall patches at Helga point and in the online store.

You can also always design your own coverall patch. Designing a coverall patch can be fun, for example, with a group of friends while sharing the expenses. Many manufacturers of coverall patches can be found in Finland by googling around.

Coverall patches will see a lot of life as they travel with you in your c overalls. We therefore recommend that you sew the patches carefully the first time. The best yarn you can use to sew patches is bear yarn. Needless to try to fiddle with glues and ironing, the only right way is to sew the patches. There are as many sewing techniques as there are coverall users. Youtube has some great videos for beginners.


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