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Annual Gala

Why is the Annual Gala held?

The annual gala is an event where the Student Union thanks its members and collaboration partners and trustees for the past year.

What is The Annual Gala?

The Annual Gala is a table party that consists of a three-course meal and special programme. The table party lasts for approximately five hours. Especially during the dinner it is important to remember proper and dignified manners, listen to the programme and pay attention to your company. The master of ceremonies makes sure that everything flows according to the plan and that every attendant knows what to do.

Because of their value Annual galas are commonly a bit more expensive than sitz. As a member you get tickets for the gala a bit cheaper than non-members. Helga informs about the ticket sale on it’s communication channels. The Annual Gala is one of our exceptional events which means that the tickets are not -50% for members.

The proper dress code at the Annual gala is a white tie or dark suit for men and evening gown for women. Women should wear a shawl over their shoulders until the main course is eaten. Hair should be tied up, unless it is really short.

Academic medals or ribbons may also be worn. For men, when wearing white tie the ribbon descends from the right shoulder across the chest to the left. The ribbon descends between the shirt and vest so that it always goes on top of the tie. With a dark suit the ribbon can also reside on top of the left lapel above the heart.

For the ladies the ribbon descends from the left shoulder when the shoulder is covered. The ribbon must be worn so that the colors don’t touch bare skin. Ladies can also wear the colors above the left breast folded to a ribbon.

The most valuable ribbon or the ribbon of the organization you are representing is always the highest ribbon on the chest/shoulder. Medals are always used according to the rules you have gotten from the organization you received them from. They can be used on a ribbon or in the left side of your chest on your suit. One should not use a pocket square while using medals.

The next day after The Annual Gala the Student Union has a traditional Herring breakfast: =silliaamiainen, or sillis. The herring breakfast is a brunch where the gala guests get together to enjoy different treats and good company. The tradition is to arrive in the clothes you had on during the gala or in your coveralls, but outfit changers are also welcome in Helga’s Herring breakfast! You can’t buy separate tickets for the herring breakfast, all the gala guests are welcome to this event automatically.

How can I participate in the Annual gala?

The Student Union Helga delivers invites first for their stakeholders and for the alumni. After that all the Helga members and their plus ones can buy the ticket for the gala in Upon buying the ticket, you need to inform in the form if you have a special diet. You can also buy the Student Union ribbon for yourself. Any Helga member can use the ribbon.


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