Student Representatives

One of the most important tasks of the Student Union is to appoint student representatives to several Haaga-Helia’s organs. These organs meet regularly to discuss Haaga-Helia’s internal operations such as education in degree programs and guidelines of the university. You can find more information below.
Contact address for each member is unless stated otherwise.

Collegiate Body

The Collegiate Body for example modifies The Degree Regulations of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and handles requests for rectification. It is led by President Teemu Kokko.

Student representative: Aleksi Airaksinen, substitute: Kaisa Manner

Board of Haaga-Helia

The Board of Haaga-Helia holds the highest authority in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. For example, the board approves curriculas and deals with correction requests of student selection. The position offers a great view for all Haaga-Helia operations and helps the student representative to see current situations from the Haaga-Helia perspective.

Student representative: Iida Tervo

Restaurant Committee

The Restaurant Committee has an informative role but no power to influence the contract between Kiinteistö Oy Opetustalo and the restaurant entrepreneur. The Committee is a cooperative organ between Opetustalo, restaurant and bistro as well as the students and Haaga-Helia staff.

Student representative: Minna Huurrekorpi, Erica Alaluusua, Katja Humalainen, Aleksi Airaksinen

Examination Committee

The Examination Committee handles complaints made by students about study related issues.

Student representative: Aleksi Lehto, substitute: Kaisa Manner

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee handles scholarship applications.

Student representative: Penniina Pitkänen

Election Committee

Organ of the Student Union. The Committee oversees the election procedures of the Student Union. It also accepts the candidates and validates the result. The committee also elects hallopeds. You must be a member of Helga to apply.

Chairperson: Viivi Koski
Vice-Chairperson: Kaisa Manner
Members: Alfred Eboreime, Mari Rautanen, Tanja Hämäläinen

HOAS delegation

The delegation is a governing body of the HOAS foundation, which can appoint up to three members to the foundation’s board of directors and choose at least one auditor to audit the foundation’s administration and accounts for the following year.

Board of directors: Matti Tujula
Delegation: Sonja Kiiveri, substitute: Milana Aus
Tenants’ co-operation body: Nimo Samatar (METKA), substitute: Erica Alaluusua