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Helga members get this event at half price!
In this event we are using coveralls.

What is RaflaRumba Appro?

Appro is a student restaurant orienteering event where you usually navigate from one restaurant to another by using a map. In an appro you collect stamps on the appro pass by enjoying a refreshment (non-alcoholic or alcoholic, the performer can choose what he/she wants) as well as performing functional tasks. Each appro has its own performance limits that determine what level of coverall patch the participant will receive from the event. Some appros, as well as RaflaRumba, also have a habit that the limits of performance depend on how many times you have taken part in that specific event.

Finland’s fastest growing appro

RaflaRumba is Finland’s fastest growing appro. It is held annually in the spring at the center of Helsinki.

The event is owned by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences ‘student union METKA, Laurea University of Applied Sciences’ student union Laureamko and Haaga-Helia’s student union Helga. Every year there is a recruitment for RaflaRumba´s project manager, and you can apply if you are a UAS student from one of these three UAS’s.

The role of the project manager is contractual in nature and is particularly well suited for a person who already has experience in event production, for example from student organization work, and/or from suitable university studies. The implementation of RaflaRumba Appro 2021 is also easy to studify, for example in the form of a thesis, project or internship. The next recruitment will be held in the fall of 2021.

P.S. Did you know that there is space reserved for the RaflaRumba patch in Helga’s coveralls? The space can be found on your left leg.

How can one participate in the RaflaRumba Appro?

RaflaRumba Appro tickets are on sale at our online store in Kideapp. The checkpoint round ticket includes the checkpoint round + after party. If you want to get a new performance patch, your old performance patch should be sewn into your coveralls.

You can get around the appro either alone or in a group. You can always participate in the appro without alcohol.


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