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Peer tutor

Peer tutors welcome’s new degree students to Haaga-Helia and introduce them to the practicalities of their own degree program and the student culture. Tutors act as the first layer or frontier for new students. Tutors are assigned for each incoming student group. Students can contact their peer tutors throughout the academic year.

Tutor’s task is to support the integration to the student community of Haaga-Helia, support studies, ease the group formation and introduce the services of Haaga-Helia to the new student. New students can ask peer tutors to help with all matters related to Haaga-Helia and study practicalities.

Could I be a peer tutor?

YES, we recruit peer tutors every February and the term is from August.
The comparison criteria are group working skills, activity, dominance or impressiveness, flexibility, argumentation and performance. In case of more applicants than positions, group dynamics of the whole group is considered.

Tutoring is a Haaga-Helia course of 3-5 ETSC.

Tutoring in part-time studies is also developed. More info from the Helga specialist (

Tutor recruitment will be held in February. Stay tuned!