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Wellbeing and a safe environment are compromised if inappropriate treatment such as harassment, bullying or other inappropriate behavior occurs at school. Each of us has the responsibility to promote a good atmosphere and responsible behavior through our own activities. Inappropriate treatment may be perpetrated and targeted at any member of the community.

Every human being is born equal and has the same basic rights. Higher education is equally available for everyone regardless of age, ethnic background and nationality, language, religion and beliefs, opinions, wealth, state of health, disabilities, sexual orientation or other personal matters.

Helga is against all discrimination and works actively to remove that from the student community.

-Helga’s political program

What is harassment?

Harassment can be regular or irregular and persistent negative activity or behavior. Harassment includes, for example, repeated intimidation, malicious and suggestive messages, contemptuous and mocking speeches, constant unjustified criticism and / or complication of work. Harassment also includes suspicion of reputation or position, isolation from the work community, and sexual harassment.

Have you experienced inequal treatment in Haaga-Helia?

Have you experienced inequal treatment in Haaga-Helia? Tell us by contacting us through the Specialist Help- form. In cases of discrimination and harassment, you can also contact Helga’s harassment contact person (

By contacting us, you ensure that the cases are known and can be addressed.