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Coverall Baptism

Helga members get this event at half  the price!
this event is coverall compulsory 

Purpose of the event?

Back in the days coverall baptism was an official event to baptise the coveralls where students ran to the baltic sea after the coverall oath. Then they got the official right to use their coveralls.

Nowadays the tradition is still on though it is encouraged to use coveralls at the start of the studies and you don’t have to actually baptise your coveralls to get the patch called Kastettu (baptised). Arriving to the event and doing the coverall oath is enough!

What is The Coverall Baptism?

Helga’s coverall baptism is a tradition which is held in the middle of a series of events called Helga’s 8 May Day. During the event there is a checkpoint race for you to tour with your classmates. In the checkpoints, you will do different kinds of tasks and challenges to get the points for your scorecard.

The checkpoint race climaxes in the coverall baptism. There is a ceremony where all the freshers swear a coverall oath with Helga. After the ceremony the bravest dip the legs of their coveralls in the sea. When the baptism is done, all the participants get a patch in recognition of that they have been baptised (“Kastettu”). Later you can sew the patch to the back of your coveralls so everyone can see your coveralls are baptised.

How can you participate?

 You can get the tickets for the Coverall Baptism from More info about the schedule, ticket sale, and event information will be provided closer to Mayday (this event happens in April)via the Student Union’s communication channels.

Please note

All Helga’s events like The Coverall Baptism are harassment and bullying free events. This means that any sort of harassment, bullying, humiliating or any other inappropriate behavior is not allowed. If you see or meet any inappropriate behavior we ask you you to contact us or the harassment contact persons of the event.

We wish you all a petrol blue coverall baptism!