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What does a tutor do?

The role of the tutor is to support the student’s integration into the Haaga-Helia student community, to facilitate the grouping process, to support the student in his/her studies and to refer the student to the services of the university. New students can turn to the peer tutors for all matters related to school and studies. 

Tutors are selected on the basis of an application and an interview. Criteria for a good tutor includes teamwork skills, activeness, time management skills, persuasiveness, flexibility, and presentation skills. A Tutor’s term is one (1) year.

Do you have what it takes to be a purple shirted everyday hero, Helga tutor?

Peer tutors

Peer tutors are the heroes who work the most with new students. Peer tutors participate already in the entrance exams to advise and cheer the applicants. At the start of the studies, peer tutors play a big role in grouping the students. Peer tutors act as real support and security for the freshers during their first school year.

Exchange tutors

Exchange tutors are the heroes of foreign exchange students. The tutors keep in touch with the incoming exchangers even before they come to Finland and are their support and security throughout the exchange. The heroes make sure the exchange students  feel comfortable and welcome.