Self-Hack is a life management hackathon that aims to provide students with tools for self-management, time management and broader life management. During the hackathon, students will receive a workbook containing the content of the training and tools for life management.

As part of Helga’s wellbeing campaign, Helga has been implementing the Self-Hack life management hackathon for Haaga-Helia people since autumn 2021. The aim of the project is to have a positive impact on learning and to promote personal learning among students. The Self-Hack concept was created by Creativity Squads, a training provider for higher education institutions.

Self-Hack event

Haaga-Helia’s student union Helga is organising a Self-Hack event on 27-28 September at the Pasila campus, with a total capacity of 100 students. Registration in here.

What Self-Hack?

During the Self-Hack event, you will be given the tools, space and time to reflect on your life and future. The course will help you to structure your thoughts through a variety of exercises, and will encourage you to discuss and seek new perspectives in your interactions with others.

Like any of us, you’ve probably wondered from time to time where you’re going. What field would be most meaningful to you and what kind of things would you like to work in? What could be your purpose? What would you like to do for a living? During the course, you will hopefully find answers to the questions that have been on your mind. We hope that Self-Hack will increase your awareness of your life and your relationship to work, and help you make better choices for the future.

During the course you will work on exercises both independently and in discussion with others. The more time you spend on the exercises, the more they give back to you. The idea of group discussions is to identify with other people. Through them you can get ideas and thoughts that you might not have found otherwise!

Self-Hack is the brainchild of the Tampere-based non-profit organisation Creativity Squads ry, with whom the City of Tampere Employment and Growth Services has developed the Self-Hack Career course.