Volunteer Committee

Helga’s Volunteer Committee, or Helga Staff,  started in the autumn of 2021. The volunteers will support the Helga board in various practical arrangements. The tasks of the volunteer committee are divided on the basis of one’s own interests and expertise. As a member of Helga Staff, you get to practice e.g. organizing events and you get in touch with the student active’s tasks without committing to an association’s board. As a volunteer, you decide for yourself how much you want to commit and how much time you are willing to put into it.


Apply for volunteer committee

Anyone Helga’s member who is interested in integrating into student union activities wants to gain experience in volunteering or increase their own community spirit at the university can apply to volunteer. New volunteers are applied for twice a year.

The first volunteers began in August 2021 during orientation week. Tasks during the orientation week include e.g. putting coverall packages together, unpacking Helga’s new products, and helping new students on campuses. Volunteers will receive their own shirts with “Helga Staff” on the back. When you wear a shirt, you are ready to answer any questions students may have and represent Helga. During Orientation Week, new students usually need help finding classrooms, their tutor, and their classmates.

As a Helga Staff member, you get to develop your own skills as well as learn new ones. This year, we are developing Helga’s photobank, so those interested in photography can express themselves in a creative way. If they wish, volunteers can also be a model on photos and videos. During your time in Helga Staff, you will also be able to come up with ideas and implement new ways of working at Helga’s events and other tasks.

As a Helga Volunteer, it is also possible to collect credits. The number of credits is determined by the number of hours you spend volunteering. 1 credit requires 27 hours. Credits are granted by the guidance council on the basis of a final report made you will write to Helga. Please send report via email ohjaus@helga.fi. If you have any questions about volunteer committee, you can send your questions to same email.