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Exchange tutor

Exchange tutors are tutors for the incoming exchange students, who introduce the Finnish culture and Student Culture of Haaga-Helia.

Tutors are in touch with exchange students already before they arrive in Finland. Tutors help exchange students in practical matters, pick them up from the airport upon arrival and also show them around in their new home town. Exchange student tutors can participate actively to the work of IDS Helga by organizing events for exchange students.

Tutoring is a Haaga-Helia course of 3-5 ETSC.

Could I be an exchange student tutor?

YES, follow our social’s for so you don’t miss the recruiting.
The comparison criteria are group working skills, activity, dominance or impressiveness, flexibility, argumentation and performance. In case of more applicants than positions, group dynamics of the whole group is considered.

Next exchange tutor recruitment will be held in February. Stay tuned!

Tutor's tasks and responsibilities

Study credit application

The tutor participates in both an evening training and a training day.

The tutor’s tasks and rights include:

  • Introducing new Students to the University of Applied Sciences, Helga, studies and student life during the Orientation Days and whole term.
  • Tutoring a group of new students throughout their first academic year
  • Participating in the recruitment of new tutors
  • Helping to organize Helga’s events, such as the Freshers Day

The tutor´s responsibilities are:

  • Maintaining strict confidentiality about Helga’s affairs
  • Impeccable behavior when participating in Helga’s events
  • Act according to the guidelines set by their head tutor and tutor coordinator of Helga

After a tutor has completed their full term, they are eligible for three (3) study credits. These credits are given for the equivalent of eighty-one (81) hours of work. To keep track of their activities, the tutor keeps an up-to-date record of their tutoring by using his/her tutor passport, and has it confirmed by their head tutor in a timely fashion.

Examples of applicable tutoring activities are:

  • Participating in tutor trainings, both Evening and Day (30 h)
  • Tutoring during the Pick-up and Orientation Days (8-30 h)
  • Organizing and participating in the Freshmen Party as a tutor (6-12 h)
  • tutoring throughout the term
  • Marketing the Helga’s events, and selling tickets

At the end of their term, the tutor writes a tutor report. The report and tutor passport are handed to the degree programmes head tutor who sees to the study credit application. In addition to the study credits, a certificate is also given.