Club Activities

Why are club activities organized?

In Helga, according to the slogan, it is important to create a community where everyone has their own place. The club activities in Helga have been created to meet the needs of demand at the UAS. Helga encourages all members to take part and organize diverse club activities for all Helga members.

What are club activities?

Club activities are community activities where students interested in the same things can spend time together in a common interest.

How can I participate in Club Activities?
Here you will find more detailed information about the clubs operating under Helga and their activities. Clubs follow Helga’s club rules, and in addition they may have their own rules. Any member of the student union can join a club. If you want to join a club, send a message to the club contact person.

Establishment of a club
Can’t find the right one for you from the current club offer? We are constantly looking for new club leaders to expand Helga’s club operations. According to a club activity survey conducted in 2018, the 10 most desirable clubs were: choir, video game club, movie club, language clubs, board game club, book club, sports clubs, cooking club, photography club and craft club.

How do I start my own club?
If you are interested in running a club, read Helga’s club rules (you can find them in the administrative rules), and fill out the club’s founding form. A member of Helga’s board will then contact you. For more information, please contact the Helga Community team

Clubs at Helga

Helga Club Tupa

Helca Club Tupa is a club which purpose is to bring together the students in Haaga-Helia who are interested in geek culture. They watch movies, play board games and organize other activities.

Helga The Uncool Bookclub

Helga The Uncool Bookclub is an online club for anyone who loves books and reading. Everyone is welcome to join and have a group discussion with others on Zoom meeting, once a month. The first virtual event is on Thursday 1st of April. For more information, join their Discord channel or follow the club on Instagram!

The aim of the club is to act as a voice for its members, oversee the interests of its club is to empower the community of students belonging to ethnic, religious, or visible minorities. The club provides an opportunity to take on current issues and open up, expand your network, and create a multi-cultural community, and challenges the outdated structures and practices of higher educations members, seeks to create a representation, and provides opportunities for networking and peer support.

Helga Koke or Helga’s CoderClub is a low threshold club for those interested in coding. KoKe’s core idea is to plan a project together and then carry it into effect with tools and techniques used in the working life. You can also come to Koke with your own project, if you need help with homework and you can also offer peer support to other students in regard to coding!

Singing belongs to everyone and the Voice of Helga is here to give everyone a fun karaoke experience. The Voice of Helga is originally a club of three friends who found each other in Baarikärpänen’s karaoke and were immediately united by a love of singing karaoke. The activities of the club will consist of events, raptures and being together. Anyone can join the club just when they feel like singing or even to the club’s event team to test their own event-producing skills. The club does not require any previous skills