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Helga Point -Service points

Why do the Helga Point -service points exist?

From our Helga Point member service points, you get all the services of the Student Union. You can also buy many of our products through the online store with mailing fee included. However, you can get the products from our member service points without the mailing fee.

Our local associations in Haaga, Malmi, Porvoo and Vierumäki also offer the Helga Point services. So you don’t have to come to Pasila to get our coveralls or other products.

What are the Helga Point- Service points?

Helga Points are service points where you get all the services of the Student Union from one place. While at Helga Point, our sole purpose is to provide services to the students. We wanted to create a place and a moment to fully be of service to the students. Meetings, process work and everything else takes place in the Student Union’s office, but when you spot us at Helga Point you can be sure we are there just for you!

P.S. Did you know that you are entitled to receive service from the member service points of all six metropolitan area Student Unions.

How can I use them?


Helga Point is located at the Haaga-Helia Pasila campus on the 2nd floor in the same corridor as the study services.
You can find the opening hours here.


In Porvoo, Helga Point is run by HePo ry on the 3rd floor of the Porvoo campus.


In Haaga Helga Point is run by Pore ry inside the Haaga campus in room L313. The entrance is from the L-wing door.


In Malmi, Helga Point is run by Hattara ry on the 2nd floor of the Malmi campus.


In Vierumäki, Helga Point is run by Tahkon Talli beneath Kaskela 2B, between Pallohalli and Pihkala.


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