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Student ID

What is a student ID?

Student ID aka “student card”. At Helga, we do not use physical cards, but student IDs that you download to your phone. Helga’s official student ID is the Slice or Pivo mobile application.

What do you get with a student ID?

With the student ID, you have access to all nationwide student benefits. As a member of the student union, you will receive a student ID (= electronic student card). Our student IDs are officially recognized nationwide, i.e. you are identified throughout Finland and you do not need any other documents. You get all the membership benefits of your student union as well as all the nationwide student discounts and lots of local benefits.

How do I get a student ID?
The Pivo or Slice app is downloaded to your phone and so the student card stays conveniently with you at all times.

You can find thorough instructions on how to start here:

More information regarding the apps can be found on their own websites: Pivo and Slice.


P.S. It is no longer possible to order a physical student card, but as a member you will still be able to pick up the academic year sticker on your existing student card.