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The application can be used free of charge by all Helga members and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Prior to use, you must have an upgraded student union membership. You can update your membership here.

The activation code of the application will be sent to your e-mail from noreply(at) You will receive an activation code within a maximum of 2 days to your e-mail after paying the membership fee and following the usage instructions. Please be advised to check your spam inbox as well. In case of problems, you can contact us by e-mail at or through our customer service chat located on the website.

Usage instructions:

1. Buy your student union membership. Your data will pass through the systems on the same day or in a maximum of a few business days, depending on traffic
2. Go to
3. Select Haaga-Helia
4. Fill in the form to receive the activation code (the information you provide must correspond to the information provided in the Helga subscription form, which you can check in the Membership section of your profile from the online store)
5. Download the Slice app from Google Play or the App Store
6. Open the app and sign in
7. Enter the username and password you received by e-mail (activation code)
8. Accept the terms of use, as the application cannot be used without it. You can also verify this in your phone’s settings

Frequently asked questions about Slice

I forgot my password, where can I get a new one?
You can get a new password by contacting

My phone changed and I can’t log in anymore?
You can reset your ID at

Can’t sign in to the app?
Please check that your login code has not gone to spam
1. Please use the same email as in Kideapp in your profile
2. Check that you have paid the student union membership fee in Kideapp
3. Check that you have granted access to the application in your phone’s settings


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