Become a member


The members of the Student Union Helga always receive significant benefits. Products and events are -50% of the normal price. For example, a member gets coveralls for half the price compared to other students.

Members have access to all student union services. You have the opportunity to apply to become a tutor, use all sports services with the sportspass, use specialist services and you can take advantage of clubs and action groups. Members have the right to vote in the Representative Council elections and to run as a candidate, and to apply to the Board of Helga or apply to become a student representative.

Who can become a member?

All students studying in degree programmes at Haaga-Helia can join Helga. Membership requires studying in education leading to a degree. Graduated student, drop out from the UAS or absent student cannot be a member of Helga.

You can become a member once you have accepted the study place or registered to attend and have received your student number. However, membership is not valid until your student number has been updated in the register, which often only happens during orientation days.

How to become a member

Becoming a Helga member happens by paying the membership fee. Payment can be made as an online payment to our online store

After payment, your membership will be saved in our register.

Membership for the semester



Membership for the academic year



Membership for
2 years



Membership for
3 years



Membership for
3.5 years



Membership for
4 years



Helga always recommends choosing the membership according to the estimated graduation time.

Membership includes

Student ID
After joining your student union you are entitled to get a student ID. Helga’s official Student ID is Slice and Pivo -mobile apps. With the student ID you can get all student discounts such as cheaper student lunch, public transport discounts and discounts from hundreds of companies in Finland. In our webstore you can use your own student union’s benefits right after becoming a member.

Member price from events and products (1 = 6)
As a member of Helga you will get all events and products for half the price both from the webstore and customer service points. This applies not only to the events and products of Helga, but those of all six student unions in the metropolitan + Turku and Jyväskylä area as well.

Renewal of membership

Membership is renewed by paying the membership fee in the same way as when joining Helga for the first time. Your membership will be automatically updated in the register.


There is no right of cancellation in student union membership.
It is possible to resign from the membership of the Student Union at any time by notifying the Student Union in writing. Membership also ends at the end of paid membership periods. Upon leaving the student union, the student also loses their membership and the rights attached to the membership, such as their right to vote in the student union’s representative council elections. The notice of resignation must be sent by e-mail to

Membership fee refund

The membership fee will not be refunded if the conditions of membership are still met. Unused membership fees can only be refunded if the student no longer studies at Haaga-Helia, ie he or she has either left the university or graduated. The student union charges a processing fee of five (5) euros for all membership fee refunds.

Any application for a refund of membership fees must be submitted to the student union in writing to The membership fee refund is calculated according to the membership and other fees for each year. If the student so wishes and upon separate request, a calculation of the formation of the membership fee refund will be provided to the student. Payments of less than ten (10) Euros will not be refunded.

If a student has inadvertently acquired a double membership of the student union, the additional membership fee will be refunded to them in full without a processing fee. However, the student union is not responsible for refunding any separate service fees charged by the e-commerce service provider. Double membership refers to two overlapping student union memberships, but not a situation where a student renews their membership shortly before the end of the previous membership.

Membership fees are non-refundable afterwards.

Transfer of membership

It is possible to transfer the membership periods of the student union if the member has registered as an absent student for the semester or academic year. The transfer request for the membership period must be addressed to the student union in writing to

In the absence of the autumn semester or academic year, the transfer request for membership must be submitted to the student union by 31.5. For the spring semester, by 30.11. Requests for transfer of membership periods based on reasons other than absence from studies – such as exchange studies – are handled by the student union board on a case-by-case basis.