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Student Union Helga

Student Union Helga is a public corporation defined in the Universities of Applied Sciences Act. It consists of the students of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Purpose of Helga

Helga’s purpose is to act as the bond for its students, promote their societal, social, intellectual and study-related interests, and their status as a part of the society. The Student Union also prepares students for an active, informed and critical citizenship (Finlex).

The Student Union consists of an executive board, representative council and members. One of the most important tasks of the Student Union is to select student representatives to Haaga-Helia’s administrative organs.

The Student Union also takes care of

  • Student advocacy inside Haaga-Helia and in the surrounding society
  • Representing students in Haaga-Helia’s organs and board
  • Influencing decision makers on both local and national level
  • Organizing extra curricular activities and enabling the thriving of the student community
  • Informing students on important topics, such as student healthcare, what’s going on in Haaga-Helia and students’ influencing opportunities
  • Creating a bond between students by for example providing a tutoring service.

Sanctuary for the individual, community for the students

Helga’s operations are summarized in its mission, “Sanctuary for the individual, community for the students”.

Everything Helga does is done with the students’ interest in mind.
All Haaga-Helia students can join Helga. The membership requires you to be enrolled present for the semester. Students can no longer be a preliminary member of Helga after graduating, quitting their studies or enrolling absent. It is however possible to become a support member for example after graduating.

As a member of Helga you are entitled to run and vote in Helga’s representative council election, act in Helga’s action groups, form a student club, use Zone sports services and enjoy various member benefits and student discounts.