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Champagne and Shot glasses

Collecting accessories for coveralls has arisen from a need that students have become aware of as they move around at various events.

Someone has a champagne bottle with them, but no glasses. Let’s put a champagne glass hanging from their coveralls. Time to take shots! Fortunately, you can hang a shot glass to your coveralls. Especially on wappu, a thirsty student can always use the champagne or shot glass hanging in their coveralls.

Both of our glasses, champagne glass and shot glass, are made of plastic, so they can withstand even the more riotous events. The champagne glass comes with a petrol blue ribbon with Helga logos printed on it. The shot glass comes with a purple ribbon with Helga’s logos printed on it.

You can buy our glasses from the online store and from all  the Helga Points.


Champagne glass with ribbon: € 5.5 member / € 11 others
Shot glass with ribbon: € 3.5 member / € 7 others

Get yours from here:


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