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Wellbeing Appro

This event is free and open for all Haaga-Helia UAS students!

WellbeingAppro 2022

3.10. 11-15 Porvoo
5.10. 10-14 Vierumäki
3.10.-14.10. Pasila

What is the Wellbeing Appro?

Wellbeing Appro is an event where you don’t get stamps for your appro pass from the restaurant payments, but instead, the stamps are collected by getting to know different kinds of wellbeing services. I

The Wellbeing Appro is held at the Haaga-Helia campuses in Helsinki, Porvoo, and Vierumäki and the event is completely free of charge. You can also complete the appro during the school day or during your lunch break!

How can you participate in the Wellbeing Appro?

The event is free of charge for everyone and the event is usually held during autumn. You can participate in the event by just arriving to it. Usually there is a promotion stand in the lobby of the campus. The promotion stand can also be on the other marked place on campus, but they are always in a place you can easily find or there are signs so you can find the place. All the participants get an appro pass from the stand. You also get an amazing Wellbeing Appro patch from the same place after you have completed the appro.

Like all the other Helga events, Wellbeing Appro is free of harassment and bullying. This means that any kind of harassment, bullying, humiliating or other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable. If you see or meet any inappropriate behavior we ask you to contact us or the event’s harassment contact persons.

We wish you all a good time at the WellbeingAppro!


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