Online training

Our online training platform offers many different kinds of online trainings. Do you want to learn how to boost your applications when searching for a job or how to develop your working life skills? If you said yes, then this is the service to use. Learn useful skills from wherever you are.

Helga offers an online training platform for students. Haaga-Helia operates in five different campuses and this is why we have wanted to use a platform that is accessible for all of our students. Now you can train yourself in student culture and creating your CV straight from your couch.

From our online training platform you will find trainings for job hunting and working life skills. The videos are unfortunately only in Finnish at the moment. We are constantly striving to find interesting collaborators who could produce material also in English in the future.

Do the following in order to gain access to the online training platform:

1. Make sure you have a valid student union membership
2. Create a Vimeo profile at from the Join Free button.
3. Go to the Settings of your profile from the top right corner from the expanding menu.
4. On top of the setting menu on the left you will find your profile details. Copy your User ID number.
5. Go to and fill the form.

We will add your account to the platform, and in the future you can watch the videos i.e. using a mobile app.


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