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Helga’s Discord

Helga’s Discord server is a social media channel, where Helga members and Haaga-Helia students can gather to discuss their own interests, offer peer support in schoolwork, and function as an easily approachable platform, where you can meet new friends.

Discord is an app where you can discuss either by writing or speaking and it has been growing in popularity in gaming circles in recent years. The app is really easy to download and can be used on your phone or computer, but it can also be used in a browser.

Helga’s Discord is open to all Haaga-Helia students!

How to join Helga’s Discord?

  1. Download Discord following the link:
  2. Wait, until the download has finished.
  3. Open the application and create an account with your email address.
  4. Verify your account.
  5. Join Helga’s Discord by following the link:
  6. If the link does not work or there are problems with it, you can find the link to Helga’s Discord on our website.
  7. Once you have joined, read Helga’s Discord rules on channel #säännöt_rules.
  8. Go and grab yourself a role from #roolit_roles channel
  9. Congratulations, you are now part of Helga’s Discord!

Discord contains built in tips that can help a newcomer understand the application and we recommend using them. If you have any questions, you can ask them in Helga’s Discord in channel #kysymykset_questions, or by making use of Discord’s own guide.

Rules of Helga’s Discord

  1. Respect each other.
  2. Don’t undermine, embarrass or criticize others.
  3. Don’t make assumptions based on anyone’s skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, age or speech. 
  4. Don’t use stereotypes
  5. Don’t appear with anyone else’s identity.
  6. Be open to others opinions and ideas.
  7. Don’t share inappropriate material, false or unconfirmed information.
  8. Don’t share viruses or malware.
  9. Don’t share the Discord link outside of Haaga-Helia

If you see someone breaking the rules or feel you are bullied, contact Helga board members @helga board or tutors @tutors, which you can find in Discord’s right profile bar.