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Blog: How was my year in Helga?

In this blog, you will hear about the experiences and feelings of Helga’s board members since 2021. Board members will also tell you the reasons why you should apply for next year’s board!

I am Kalle Uusitie and I am a member of the 2021 Student Union Board. My work at Helga began during the orientation weeks in December and January, where we were taught how to work in Helga. There was a lot going on during the orientation weeks, but luckily the other board members and specialists always helped if something happened to be forgotten. After the orientation week, we held the first board meeting where we “organized,” meaning that we decided on each member’s own roles and responsibilities.

Personally, I have never been involved in student activities, but it didn’t bother because Helga’s board is a learning environment! During this year, I have learned a wide variety, but the most memorable were a wide range of communication skills such as filming videos, editing images, and writing a variety of communicative texts. I also learned a lot about scheduling my own time, as well as organizing various events and using completely new platforms like Slack and Trello! Working in Helga’s board left me with memorable things such as crying, laughter, and lifelong friends. I recommend applying to everyone who has thought about it!

Hello! I am Minna Huurrekorpi and this year I am the Chairperson of the Board of Helga. In 2020 I was a member of Helga’s Board and got so excited about working on the Board that I decided to run for this year’s Chairperson. As the Chairperson, it is my responsibility to lead the entire Board and its operations with the assistance of the Vice-Chairpersons. For example, the progress of various processes and projects is monitored in weekly process meetings, where each member of the Board has to report on the progress of their own duties. Other tasks that I have been doing this year are for example preparing and chairing Board meetings, preparing and working on various projects, representing the Student Union at various events and meetings, and many financial management duties.

A lot of tasks during the year have been completely new to me, but luckily support is always available, as the Chairperson works closely with the Executive Director. Although the year has been tough, there have been a huge number of new skills that I have learned that will definitely be helpful in the future. However, the best thing about this activity is the people you get to work with on a daily basis. So I warmly recommend everyone to apply!

I am Erica Alaluusua, the first Vice-Chairperson of the board. Before I started as a Vice-Chairperson of the Helga board, I was a board member in a student association and later a board member in Helga. Last year I applied as a Vice-Chairperson, because I wanted to continue working with student advocacy and communications and marketing.

This year I have been able to take advantage of my studies in journalism and develop our Student Union’s ways to act and influence students’ everyday life inside the UAS but also outside it.
The best part of being on the board of the Student Union is learning new things. During last two years I’ve been renovating Helga’s political and municipal programs and created a municipal election campaign. As a vice-chair, the best moments have been when I have successfully taught a new skill for some of our board members.

I think that the Helga board fits best for people who are ready to learn new skills and teach their own skills ahead. The most important skill a board member or chairpersons should have are flexibility, will to learn, motivation and simply the will to improve the position of UAS students.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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