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Blog: My first EU Elections

Many students, including myself, are about to use their vote for the first time. Our first time voting in the EU elections, which only come around every five years. Exciting!

I understand that Finns are most diligent in voting during presidential elections, while the EU elections typically see a lower voter turnout. It’s strange, considering that Finland is part of the European Union, and decisions made there trickle down to us.

I have admittedly wondered why I should vote, thinking I don’t know enough about EU affairs. I’m not even sure who the candidates are, so why not leave it to those who are more informed, right?

I’m also unsure whether it’s due to marketing or just because this is my first time voting, but EU elections seem a bit distant to the average person. I hope and believe that efforts are being made to change this. After all, in the EU elections, we choose 15 members from Finland to represent us in the European Parliament, and they will have significant influence.

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that as an adult Finnish citizen, I want to use my right to vote whenever possible! Not voting is like staying silent in a karaoke bar. Even if you think you could contribute on stage, you stay put and listen to others sing songs you don’t care for. Finns are charmingly shy at first and reluctant to sing, but soon enough, they gather the courage and belt out “Ukkometso” with gusto! So, it was worth going up there and doing it.

The advance voting for the EU elections took place from May 29 to June 4, 2024, and the actual election day is Sunday, June 9, 2024. When the next opportunity arises, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the EU election candidates through this link: (it couldn’t be easier). Election compasses are also helpful in providing direction and don’t take much time – here’s another link to Allianssi’s election compass for young people:

Once you’ve spotted familiar names on the candidate list or identified a potential candidate to vote for, there’s no reason to give up now. Just head to the nearest polling station on the main election day, Sunday, June 9!

And if you still need convincing, those who vote will receive an EU-themed overall patch from us, Helga’s board. Maybe that will motivate students to vote the most?


Meiju Hämäläinen

Helga board member

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