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What are the parliamentary elections?

According to the Finnish Constitution the state power of Finland belongs to the people, who are represented by the parliament. There are 200 MPs in the Parliament of Finland.

MPs are elected every four years in elections. In the parliamentary elections, all Finnish citizens who have turned 18 by the election day are entitled to vote.

The Parliament is Finland’s highest state body. It exercises legislative power and also decides on state finances. Government power is exercised by the President of the Republic and the Government, whose members must have the confidence of the Parliament.

Who can vote?

Every Finnish citizen who turns 18 by the day of the election is entitled to vote in the parliamentary elections, regardless of their place of residence.

Each voter has one vote. The right to vote must always be exercised personally. No one can vote for another.

Information about the right to vote will be sent to all those entitled to vote by letter.

Why should I vote?

Parliament decides on study grant, funding of institutions of higher education and the measures done to decrease the impact of the climate crisis. Only eight MPs were born in 1990 or later. Parliamentary elections are an opportunity to influence who will influence the affairs of Finland in the future.

In the 2019 parliamentary elections, the voting percentage of 18-24-year-olds was 55 percent. In the same elections, only 63 percent of the population aged 25-34 exercised their right to vote. There are approximately 300,000 students in higher education institutes in Finland. The student’s voice and opinion truly matter. By voting, you decide what kind of Finland you will study in.

The elected parliament will probably decide on tough cuts, which will also affect the daily lives of young people and students. A higher voter turnout among young adults can influence how these cuts are distributed.

Now people are chosen to decide, among other things, on the following matters:

  • Parliament enacts laws in Finland

  • Decides on the budget, which largely determines the actions of the state

  • Handles various international agreements

  • Supervises the activities of the country’s government

  • Selects the Prime Minister

Important dates

Election day

2 April 2023

Early voting in Finland

22.3. – 28 March 2023 

Early voting abroad

22.3. – 25 March 2023

Confirmation of results

5 April 2023 


Polling stations

Get to know your nearest polling station! Remember that on the official election day you can only vote in the station designated for you!

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Election compass

To find your own candidate, you should make an election compass online.

Here you find election compass in English:



Helga and elections

Helga organizes election-related activities. Take part and bring your friends along. At the same time, you encourage young people to make an impact in society!

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