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How do I find a suitable candidate?

How do I find a suitatble candidate?

Finding a suitable candidate can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. On this page, we have put together ways for you to find the most suitable candidate for you to make voting in the municipal elections as easy as possible for you.

Election discussion panels

Espoo 5/18/2021

The World Student Capital Association will implement a panel for Espoo’s municipal election candidates, where students will be able to address current issues and candidates’ perspectives. As a member of WSC, Helga is involved in the implementation of the discussion. The discussion panel will be hosted by Alex Palm.

The discussion panel will be held from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Current event information is updated here.

Helsinki 5/18/2021

In May, World Student Capital ry will also organize a second discussion panel, where candidates from the Helsinki constituency will have a vote. The panel is hosted by Alex Palm. Helga is also involved in the implementation of the discussion.

The discussion panel will be held from 5.30pm to 7pm The event will be held remotely and its current information will be updated here.


Porvoo 5/20/2021

This year, the student union Helga is organizing one of its own election discussion panels in cooperation with Laureamko and the Porvoo local association Hepo ry. The discussion panel will hear the candidates for the Porvoo Municipal Council. The public also has the opportunity to ask questions to the candidates in advance! Questions can be submitted to the student body through social media. The panel will be hosted by Julia Holma.

The Porvoo municipal election discussion panel will be held remotely on the Zoom platform from 5 pm. You can read more about the discussion here.

Election compasses

Different media and different social actors have created their own election compasses, which address issues, regional contradictions or key themes that are decided by the municipal council.

There are differences between election compasses, and some of them are targeted at some specific target group for use. For example, the Alliance’s Youth Electoral Compass specifically addresses issues related to young adults.

Below you can find out about the different election machines by region. The list will be completed closer to election days.