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Helga 8 May Day 2021

17.04.2021 KLO 08:00 - 01.05.2021 KLO 17:00

Traditionally Helga organizes the longest mayday in the Helsinki metropolitan area. This year Helga´s 8 Day May Day lasts 15 days. During fifteen days, there will be plenty of time to celebrate Mayday and at the same time to keep up with the municipal elections.

This year, the event will be held remotely due to the corona situation. Despite the celebration being held remotely, no one will avoid getting their coveralls wet.

What is Helga’s 8 Day May Day?

Helga’s 8 Day May Day, or Wappu as we like to call it, is an annual set of student eventss that lasts for a whopping fifteen days this year from 17.4. until 1.5.! Helga is proud to work together with student associations to bring you fifteen days of different events, that Helga finishes off with Helga’s own May Day stream!

Helga’s 8 Day May Day has kept its name unchanged since its founding, even as the amount of events (and days) has grown. This year the festival lasts for fifteen days in honor of Helga’s fifteenth birthday! Each day has its own theme and event, of which Helga is hosting the traditional Coverall Baptism online this year and the Wappustream on 1.5. Helga is also responsible for organizing the whole event, so that each and every one of Haaga-Helia’s student associations can focus on their own event and day, to ensure that each and every one of Haaga-Helia’s students can enjoy themselves.

How to participate in Helga’s 8 Day May Day?

In order to participate in Helga’s 8 Day May Day, you have to get yourself May Day pass and make use of it during different May Day events. Traditionally, the participants collect different marks from different events, but this year the whole event is online and you collect different codes into your May Day pass from different events. By collecting six (6) codes from six different events you can earn yourself a May Day patch. There are four patches for four participation achievements and by collecting them all you can build yourself one, big May Day coverall patch to the envy of your friends. Those participants, who collect all the codes from all the events will earn themselves a May Day diploma!

Helga’s 8-Day Wappu is organized in cooperation with Haaga-Helia’s student associations and Helga’s action groups. Some of the events are free and some include extra charges. Helga’s Coverall Baptism is sold together with the May Day pass this year but acts as its own accomplishment pass. By completing all of its tasks you will earn yourself a “Baptised” coverall patch. Some events might be free, but the coverall patch might cost extra.

Go click yourself as “going” to the event:

Helgan 8 Day May Day 2021 events:
17.4. Atkins ry
18.4. Helgan Speksi
19.4. Helga’s Wellbeing Day
20.4. IDS Helga
21.4. Helga’s Coverall Baptism
22.4. HSOY ry
23.4. Skuuppi ry
24.4. Talko ry
25.4. Sture ry
26.4. Pore ry
27.4. MyPe ry
28.4. HePo ry
29.4. ESN Helga
30.4. Hattara ry
1.5. Helgan “Kaivarin Wappu”

But how do the May Day pass and Baptism-pass work?
May Day pass will be sent to your email this year, from where you can download it or fill it on your computer with the codes from the different events. You are able to redeem cheaper tickets to some events with the May Day pass. Once you have collected six or all codes, you can send them to our email at by 02.05.2021 to earn yourself the patch or diploma!

The coverall baptism pass consists of six tasks this year. By completing them you earn yourself the ‘Baptised’ coverall patch. You may complete them at your own pace during the event and return a picture of it by 02.05.2021!

What is the May Day stream?

Helga has traditionally hosted an event at Kaivopuisto on 1.5. to finish off May Day with a bang. Sadly, this year we are unable to do that and decided we all needed some peace and calm after May Day. We will be hosting a stream on 1.5., during which we shall thank all of you for participating and end Helga 8 May Day together.

We shall be starting the stream on 1.5. at 10.00 AM.

Come and join us!

Each participant is asked to consider

Like all the other Helga events, Helga’s 8 Day May Day is free of harassment and bullying. This means that any kind of harassment, bullying, humiliating or other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable. If you see or meet any inappropriate behavior we ask you to contact us or the events harassment contact persons. Helga’s events also have event-specific harassment contact persons that you can contact. Also, the actors of the Haaga-Helia associations have been trained to assist in such activities.
We wish a joyful May Day to everyone!


17.04.2021 KLO 08:00
01.05.2021 KLO 17:00
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