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Student Forum LIVE: Sober student life

18.04.2023 KLO 10:00 - 16:00

In the next Student Forum LIVE, we discuss sober student life. During the Student Forum LIVE, we show all sides of sobriety in general and discuss the problems of alcohol-based student events.

Before the Student Forum, we would ask you to think seriously about these questions: Why would I use intoxicants? What is the benefit of being sober? In what kind of situations would I use intoxicants? How hard peer pressure would I feel about not using intoxicants? Why are intoxicants, especially alcoholic beverages, an essential part of student culture?

Our goal is to reduce the use of intoxicants in our student union, remove discrimination towards sobriety, and contribute to an intoxicant-free student culture of the future. If even one person in our student union stops using intoxicants because of the Student Forum LIVE, we know for sure that we have succeeded in our most important goals; promoting well-being to our students and making an impact on someone’s life.

You can watch live afterwards from our Instagram account highlights!


10:00 - 16:00
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