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Latest Past Events

Helga’s 8 Day MayDay: Runaway Train (Hattara ry)

The legendary runaway begins at Helsinki and continues all the way to Malmi. The main idea is to stop at every station in between the start and the end. You will collect stamps from checkpoints to your appro-pass and you must get at least one stamp from every station. The last checkpoint is at Malmi. […]

Helga’s 8 Day MayDay: Operation Suomenlinna (ESN Helga)

🎈Vappu and Suomenlinna are calling! 🎉 🫵 This year ESN Helga, ESN Laurea and ESN Metropolia together draft you all for a special mission of Operation Suomenlinna to the historical Sea Fortress of Helsinki! 🔥 As part of the 3AMK Vappu Weeks of Helga, Laureamko and Metka, Operation Suomenlinna is a checkpoint race where you […]