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Helga Tests: Whim

What is Whim?

Whim is an internationally awarded Finnish application that allows you to book and pay for all your trips one trip at a time or with a convenient seasonal order. People have already made more than 16 million trips Whim.

Helga Tests

Helga was commissioned to test how Whim fits the student’s needs. I, a sworn HSL travel card user, said yes in the name of science and ordered the Whim Student 30, which moves the travel card from your wallet to the Whim application. It also was not a bad thing that on the first order I redeemed a 5 € discount on the monthly ticket (code HELGA5).

At first, travelling without my travel card feels like weird. Out of habit, I keep reaching for a travel card from my pocket time and time again, but it is gone. It feels almost criminal to just show the flashing phone screen when you get on the bus. However, I am inside, and my phone is still alive with 51%. All good. I notice that on my next trip, the screen animation has changed color: How does the bus driver know what color it should be, I wonder. The rest of the week I am already travelling like an old pro. I decide that on Monday I would try other means of transportation.

Monday comes

I am mentally prepared to test a new way to move with Whim: the TIER scooter. I do not have a driver’s license, but with a helmet equipped, I approach the challenge with confidence. I read that it would be advisable to drive the scooters with a helmet on while also being sober. In the past, I have watched with terror as darting ‘scooter people’ race by on the streets. That will end badly. However, now for the first time, I am feeling courageous enough to test my wings on the scooter. Is this a Monday edition: It will not start! However, a friend I brought for safety instructs me that the board should be kick- started for it to work. Then. I am flying. My scooter and I become one.

Ultimate test

We decide to put me and my scooter to the ultimate test: Would we get to Sörnäinen from Helga´s office faster than my competitor who is using public transport? Confident as ever, I give my competition a banana-eating-time-length kick start. I speed by unfamiliar streets and unknown faces. Even the imbalance brought by my fully packed Helga canvas bag does not matter. I arrive to the goal with a substantial lead, how typical. I say goodbye to my drive – and get another banana from the store.


Whim is very well suited for price- and pace-conscious students who ride on the crest of development. Through Whim, you can also use taxis, city bikes or rent cars. Redeem a 5 € discount on the Student 30 season ticket with the code HELGA5 (valid until 2.12.2020).

Instructions for activation:

Whim Student 30 includes an HSL 30-day student ticket. In addition, you can use TIER´s electric scooters, Helsinki and Espoo city bikes (as a seasonal order), as well as taxis and rental cars from several service providers for a one-time fee.

Here´s how to get the most out of it:

1. Download Whim or update your existing app to the latest version and fill out your profile
2. Select the Whim Student 30 subscription and the desired HSL zone, add the discount code HELGA5 and press the use button
3. The application will guide you to strong authentication of HSL. Log in with your HSL ID or create a new HSL ID.
4. Verify your study rights and their duration in the Study Path (opintopolku) service, the application will direct you to the service.
5. Add your debit card information and confirm your order. If you have an active Whim season subscription at the time of your subscription, your Whim Student 30 subscription will automatically change after the end of the current subscription period. The seasonal subscription will continue to be valid until further notice and will be automatically charged to the debit card on a monthly basis. If you do not want to continue the order, you must cancel the order through the Whim application.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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