BULLETIN: Helga’s new head tutors for all campuses and degree programs have been selected for 2021

Helga’s new head tutors for the year 2021 have been selected.

A total of 31 peer- and exchange tutors applied for the head tutor positions. The applicants were interviewed during week 42 and 43 by the current head tutors, Helga’s specialist Tea Sissonen and the Helga board members.

The new head tutors have been trained for the position on Tuesday 27.10., after which passing on the tradition continues between the current head tutors and their successors. The new head tutors take over their positions starting January 2021.


Pasila campus:

LIIDI Emilia Tanninen (vastuututor.pasila.assi@gmail.com)

BITe Olegs Suvorovs(vastuututor.pasila.bite@gmail.com)

FINA Ella Jacksen (vastuututor.fina@gmail.com)

GloBBA Elia Routio (vastuututor.pasila.globba@gmail.com)

HELI Ronja Lehmuskoski and Akseli Mäkinen (vastuututor.pasila.heli@gmail.com)

JOURA Jenni Könttä (vastuututor.pasila.journalismi@gmail.com)

SEBBA Matilda Infante (vastuututor.pasila.mubba@gmail.com)

MYYNTI Alex Portaankorva (vastuututor.pasila.myynti@gmail.com)

TIKO Aki Ronkainen (vastuututor.pasila.tiko@gmail.com)


Jemina Viljanen (vastuututor.vierumaki@gmail.com)

Haaga campus:

Eeli Kaistinen (vastuututor.haaga@gmail.com)

Julia Rintanen (vastuututor.haaga@gmail.com)

Malmi campus:

Emmi Lamberg (vastuututor.malmi@gmail.com)

Arsen Maxhuni (vastuututor.malmi@gmail.com)

Porvoo campus:

Mikko Kolho (vastuututor.porvoocampus@gmail.com)

Rauna Graulus (vastuututor.porvoocampus@gmail.com)

Exchange head tutors:

Helsinki: Artemiy Erokhin (exch-tutor@helga.fi)

Porvoo: Tuong Dang

HELI evening tutors:

Jenni Lang

More information about the head tutor recruitment and selection can be acquired from:

Joona Ahokas

Alex Palm

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