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The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga’s 8 Day May Day 2021 will be held online

With the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, Helga’s board has decided to arrange the 8 Day Mayday  2021 student event fully online. 

It is important to the Student Union to ensure the safety of students and therefore in this case we have decided to organize the event remotely. We did not decide to cancel the event, as, throughout the year,  we have learned to organize remote events within the current restrictions imposed by the government. We are also prepared to take future regulations and event requirements into account.

Organizing an event remotely gives students the opportunity for a traditional celebration, yet safely and without compromising others.

We will be making decisions later regarding our upcoming spring 2021 events.

Let’s take care of each other and our health.

For additional information, please contact:

Minna Huurrekorpi
Chairperson of the Board


Julia Holma
Vice-Chairperson of the Board

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