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Information about the Corona virus

The effects of Corona virus (COVID-19) are showing in our day to day life. We have gathered information about the effects it has to studying and important links to this page.


The effects of Corona virus are wide and the situation is evolving all the time. Reliable and current information can be found from THL´s page.

Current information of the cities:



Vierumäki (Heinola)


The payments of student allowances is continuing normally even if your studies would be interrupted because of the virus. You don´t need to inform Kela about this. If your studies won´t advance enough because of the current situation, you don´t have to return paid allowances.

If the maximum time of your student allowance is being crossed and your studies aren´t advancing, the payment of student allowance might end. Keep all certificates safe (the notifications from UAS are enough). The continuity of student allowance payments can be applied from Kela´s website.

If the time of your studies is too long, Kela will reject also student loan relief. You can make a request of re-processing to clear the situation.

If your exchange is cancelled or intervened, make a notification of this to Kela. You don´t need to give back any student loan you have already taken.

More information about the effects to student benefits can be found from here!

EFFECTS TO STUDYING (returning to campus)

Haaga-Helia’s campuses were opened in limited capacity in June. The first period of autumn will be held as a so-called blended model, which means that education takes place both on campus and remotely. The main rule is that less than half of the personnel and students can work on our campuses simultaneously. Blended model is on use during the whole first period (1.8.-16.10.2020.)

The blended model ensures at least one meter safety distance for everyone. Everyone who uses campus services must follow safety distances at elevators, classrooms, conference rooms, other workspaces and restaurants.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences will continue intensified cleaning, in connection with which cleaners will wipe the tables daily in both work and study spaces. Enhanced cleaning of sanitary facilities on campuses will also continue throughout the fall.

However, everyone should keep in mind that the responsibility for our safety lies first and foremost with ourselves. This means, among other things, that each of us must keep our tools clean and to avoid fluctuations in workstations during working hours, to minimize the risk of infection and thereby prevent the possible spread of the virus.

Haaga-Helia’s main safety actions to prevent and minimize spreading of COVID-19 are based on to enable and ensure safety distance and enhanced hygiene and cleaning.

In the autumn, study priority on campuses has been given to 1st-year students, whose immediate support is believed to be greatest. Only half of the staff and students are available to be on the campuses at the same time.

Restaurants and cafeterias are open following on-going safety instructions. Only half of the customer seats are in use and there might be changes in opening hours because of the on-going situation. The lunch times are staggered on each campus by special instructions that will be published later. Matters relating to studies are organized separately by each department, so please follow MyNet and your email actively.

Some of the work placements are happening either normally or remotely. If your work placement needs to be rescheduled we recommend that you discuss with your academic advisor if you can complete other studies during the period intended for your work placement.

Haaga-Helia’s departments and campuses will decide independently their implementations regarding remote and contact learning.


Take care of hygiene. Wash your hands carefully every time you enter campus and before eating. If you can’t wash your hands, use the hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers can be found at your campus.

Keep at least the one meter distance from other persons. Avoid elevators if you can.

If you suffer any of the COVID-19 symptoms, do not enter campuses! If you get sick during the day, don’t stay at the campus or move into a separate space appointed at the reception.

Take the COVID-19 test on a low treshold.

The amount of new COVID-19 cases are low at this point, but there has been an increase during this month. We are all responsive to keep the spreading level low so it is important to follow recommendations. Stay safe and healthy!


It should be clear for everyone that you have no business on campuses unless you’re fit and healthy. Even a runny nose should be treated with the seriousness required by the situation.

Please follow the instructions below before coming to campuses:
No less than seven days after you have been infected with a respiratory infection or suspected of COVID-19 infection and you have had no symptoms during the last three days.

14 days after you (or a person living in the same household) have been ill due to diagnosed coronavirus disease and you (or the other person) have had no symptoms during the last three days.

You have not been in the same space with a person diagnosed with coronavirus disease during the last 14 days.

In case of illness or any case mentioned above, we recommend you to follow the instructions from the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL).


We follow the situation and make decisions individually for each event. Our priority is the health and safety of students. That being said, if we feel that we can organize an event safely, it will be organized. There will be an individual announcement for each event that is cancelled.


You can get help for anxiety for example 24/7 päivystävästä crisis phone, Nyyti ry´s web conversations, MIELI ry´s instructions and Sekasin-chat.

University chaplain is available also during these times. With the chaplain you can discuss confedentially on anything relating to life. The basis is that everyone´s personal view and opinions on world and spirituality are respected.

Pasila campus students can still use student healthcare services via phone and in some special cases also by appointments. If student has any symptoms they can´t arrive to the clinics. From nurses, Ina Ihalainen and Marjo Isohanni are serving our students. Also the psychiatric nurse offers conversation support to all students studying in Helsinki campuses. You can find all contact information from MyNet.

Students from other campuses can turn to their local health care unit if needed.


Information from Finnish government relating to COVID-19.

Information about student allowance and other maintenances of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

Information from Ministry of education and culture about the effects of COVID-19 for studies.

World health organization´s site about cornavirus.

Haaga-Helia´s instructions for autumn period.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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