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BLOG: My Representative Council experience

“Studying is the best time of life” -Someone wise.

This sentence describes well what my own study time was at Haaga-Helia. It was challenging and drilling, but the achievements that I made can only be achieved through study. However, only few have the opportunity to influence on important things at a young age and one of these options is to become a student-active.

A good example was the Helga Representative Council, which I was not excited to go to at the beginning because I had my hands full with Pore ry (Haaga campuses local association). However when I made up my mind to join the Representative Council I wanted to do a lot of everything related to advocacy matters and develop my UAS community.

From then on our own electoral alliance project was launched. Goal of the project was to build a better dialogue between campuses and get them their special needs in the Representative Council. The elextion itself went pretty well for myself collecting 100 votes in the representative council elections, which to my knowledge was a record at the time.

Our electoral alliance work provided a strong base for myself to act as Chairperson of the representative council as well. It´s nice to see that electoral alliance still manages to work for equality and non-discrimination inter-campus work.

After my own years of being a student, I was able to influence on student´s matters still in the Sure – Finnish Restaurant Associtation. First in the board of the association and today as the Executive Director.

I gained a strong base in student activities as well in the representative council and that is why I want to encourage current students to join UAS advocacy matters because it allows them to develop themselves for the future.
Your friend, Joel.

Candidacy registration for Representative Council election 2020 is open untill 30.9.2020. Read more from here!

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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