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Recruitment: Helga´s Speksi

The fourth production of Helga´s Speksi is once again looking for authors for the spring 2021 performances! The search for actors, singers, band, dance and marketing team is open 7.9.-27.9.2020. and a few places on the production team need an author as well. If you can´t find a job on the list that you would like to do, there is also a section in the application where you can share your skills. Would you like to be a Speksi´s coffee maker or an evening storyteller, for example? We want to make a show that looks like the creators of it. A show where you can find friends and have fun!

The application for the costume masquerade, staging, and technology team opens on November 15, 2020.

What Speksi? Read more from here!

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