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Julia Tuuri for Finnish Student Sports Federation chairperson for 2021

The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga nominates Julia Tuuri for the chairperson position of Finnish Student Sports Federation for the year 2021.

In 2020, Tuuri served as vice chairperson of the student union board, piloting two different teams. Tuuri has a sports background in gymnastics. She has worked in the field of gymnastics for more than 15 years, first as a competitive gymnast, later in the club’s development activities, as well as in coaching young athletes and judging competition classes.

“Julia has shown strong skills as a leader who takes into account the physical and mental endurance of everyone. Steering two teams, a community and communications team, is demanding, but Julia has always kept it all together. As the team leader of the community team, she is responsible for all the financials of the events and has managed to keep the economy in order despite the exceptional spring” commented Iida Tervo, Chairperson of the board.

As 2020 is a special year overshadowed by a pandemic, one can be sure that 2021 will only bring more challenges. For this reason, sustainable solutions must be found for the Union’s financial base. The income of one of the union’s largest financiers, Veikkaus, is estimated to lose over 140 million euros this year. FSSF’s financial future cannot be in the hands of project fundings.

Equal Sports Opportunities for higher education students is a hot topic in the union from year to year. In some cities with more than one university, it is already possible to combine university sports services wonderfully. Using their example for sports services would increase more mass, which would mean more influence and accountability in the eyes of decision makers.

“The union must now focus strongly on saving the economy. Efforts must be made to increase the Union’s self-financing contribution in order to provide opportunities for greater state operating grants. Business cooperation options need to be diligently explored, for example by selling already existing services. Although the dual model of the Finnish higher education system may be justified for reasons, it is useless in terms of the physical needs of students.” summarizes Tuuri.

Tuuri will be available at the Finnish Student Sports Federation’s sector meeting in Lappeenranta on 23.-24. of September, and at the federal meeting on 18.-19. of November. She can also be reached by email, by phone, and through her social media before the federal meeting. Tuuri will be happy to visit you if invited.

Campaign manager
Alex Palm
044 9789202

Julia Tuuri
IG: tuuri_julia
050 5185657

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