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Why is multifaceted tutoring important?

“I step into Haaga-Helia’s campus for the first day of the orientation week, and I don’t know anyone in the crowd. I see people in purple shirts smiling at me at the auditorium door. Why on earth? Who are these guys?

Indeed, at the auditorium door, it turns out that these purple-shirted people are tutors and they guide me to the auditorium. I had my first encounter with a nice tutor, so the tension eases a bit. During the orientation week, the tutors become more familiar and they feel like knowledgeable types of students. I can ask them anything related to my studies and I get to hear real experiences, as well as get new acquaintances. ”

Multiform tutoring is important because many students enter school in the first few days without necessarily knowing anyone in the entire fresher group. In connection with the registration, it is noticed that in the case of multimodality, many of the students start with more advanced courses, as they already have experience of working life that they can show in order to achieve their studies. So we are in a situation where many students go in different directions right from the beginning of their studies. Tutors have an important role to play in this situation, as we do not want anyone to be left to fend for themselves and not be able to find friends for the early days of their studies.

Multiform tutors assist students as peers and create a relaxed and nice feeling for the group about to start their studies. Many of the new students on the multimodal side work full-time in addition to their studies while taking care of their families. That is why it is important that at the beginning of studies, tutors guide you in the right courses and answer future challenges and questions.

In order to create a nice atmosphere among a diversity of students, we need peers like you to take part in tutoring. Are you quiet but a nice person? Are you eager to organize events like remote afterwork? Are you a supple type to tell about different things? It doesn’t matter, because there is definitely a way for everyone to learn how to be a tutor! You’re just the kind of good tutor we need, so come and join our nice crew!

Tutor recruitment is still open until 28.2. and we hope you are the one to apply!
You can find the recruitment form here.

Jenni Lang
HELI evening studies head tutor 2019-2020

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