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Remember to give course feedback in MyNet

The first half of the academic year is ending and its time to give feedback to those impelementationt that are enging. Haaga-Helia wants to utilize your feedback the best possible way to develop their implementations and ways of working.

“We hope that you would give us supportive, appropriate and constructive feedback. Please, tell us your development ideas and especially mention the things we have succeeded in. Our goal is to have your voice heard. Let´s promote continuous dialogue and build together a culture of supportive feedback and joint development – let´s become the best University of Applied Sciences we can. Let´s make Haaga-Helia together the community of positive feedback and continuous dialogue. Separately we are only good, together we are invincible!” says Haaga-Helia.

You can find feedback on studies now in MyNet, here! Add the page to your favorites as all the upcoming course feedback forms can be answered on this page. Please give your answers to all active feedback questionnaires of different implementations. After you have given feedback, remember to check the numeric summary of feedback of the implementation after the response time has ended. Also later you are able to see the teacher´s response to feedback.

You can find instructions for the feedback on studies in MyNet, here!

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