Representative Council´s meeting

Representative Council´s meetings

Every Helga member has the right to participate in this event!

Why does the Representative Council have meetings?

The meetings of the Representative Council are a concrete place where the Representative Council decides on matters concerning Haaga-Helia’s students and the student union.

What are these Representative Council meetings?

The Representative council meetings are physical meetings that usually are organized in one of the Haaga-Helia campuses auditoriums. The amount of meetings varies, but the Representative Council will have meetings for at least these topics:

  • Organisation meeting of the new representative council after the election results, where the Representative Council:
    • States the composition of The Representative Council
    • Selects the Chairperson and the vice chairperson and other important actors for the council
    • Selects the the Chairperson and the vice chairpersons for the board of Student Union
    • Selects the board of the Student Union
    • Names the electoral committee
    • Confirm the by-laws and other rules for the term of student union

The Representative council will have a statutory spring meeting before the end of April, where:

  • The Helga Board presents the student union’s activity report
  • The Helga Board presents the student union’s financial statement and auditor’s report
  • The Representative council confirms the financial statement and decide the action according to it
  • The Representative council decides about the discharge for the Student Union board and other responsibles

Representative council will have a statutory autumn meeting before the end of November, where:

  • The Council deals with the next year’s budget
  • The Council deals with the next years plan of action
  • The Council selects the auditor and deputy auditor
  • The Council decides the amount for next year’s allowances and the fees for the next year’s trustees.

How and who can participate in the Representative Council meetings?

All Representative Council members get the meeting invitation to their email at least seven days before the meeting. All the meetings must also be informed to the public in a way that the representative council has selected. During the past years it has been common to create meeting events on Facebook and inform about them in Helga’s communication channels.

All Helga members and employees have the right to speak and the right of attendance in the Representative Council meetings. There might be exceptions, if the council decides to limit the meeting for the duration of a specific case. You can participate in the meeting by coming to the event before the start of the meeting or you can participate by watching our live stream on our Youtube channel.

Please note that you have the right to speak if you are participating in meeting either physically or via some sort of meeting platform like Zoom. You don’t have the right to speak in the meeting if you’re following the live stream. You will also be able to enjoy the meetings coffee serving only if you come in person.


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