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The rights of internships and summer jobs

At the start of this summer, we want to tell you about your internship and summer job rights. An internship is one of the most important parts of a degree in a university of applied science and can be done in many ways. For example, it can be combined with summer jobs, which changes the rights of the internship a bit. In both, however, it is important that all rights are upheld and that the trainee / summer worker is treated fairly in both.

Helga encourages paid internships. In an internship, you are not replacing employees, you are learning and you are entitled to guidance. Be sure to ask for a certificate of training. You need a certificate when applying for credits from an internship, and you can also use it as a work certificate in your CV. If you have problems with your training, it is a good idea to contact your training instructor. Be sure to take full advantage of the internship, as it will bring you closer to the tasks in your field and often internship contacts can get you a post-graduate job.

In summer jobs, your rights correspond to those of an employee, meaning your pay must be fair and include all allowances and benefits, if any. If the workplace has a collective agreement, it must be complied with. Summer work must also be paid for annual leave, either on holidays or in cash. As an employed person, it is recommended to belong to a trade union, and trade union memberships are often free for students. Trade unions often provide legal assistance, for example, which is useful if you encounter problems.

It is a good idea to keep the above things in mind when leaving for an internship or summer job. Remember that help can and should be sought if needed. In conclusion, I would like to wish everyone good luck with their future internship / summer job.


Written by Emil Aalto
Helgas board member 2022

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