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University chaplain’s May Day task: May Day is a state of mind

In this May Day orientated task, we focus on state of mind.
Life is seldom only fun or complete misery. You can feed your mind with either good or bad experiences and different interpretations of life.

You can do this every night and morning while brushing your teeth.
Think of three things that you like about yourself or you are good at. Say them outloud in front of your mirror, at your own reflection.
Then hug and pat yourself, while saying: There is so much goodness and love in you. I love you.

Helga Wellness Day Code:
#Be Well

In honour of May Day, here is a two-parter bonustask:
Part 1: What is something about your life that you are grateful for?
Part 2: What do you wish in your life to become stronger or what do you wish for in the future?

If it is possible and you intent to spend May Day with your friends and family, these questions can be asked with few changes:
Tell three things about yourself that you like or are good at.
What are you grateful for?
What would you like to become stronger in the future or add to your friendship?

More information can be asked:

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