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Helga’s Representative Council Election 2022 will be carried out in the following days:

Election days 2.11. – 9.11.2022.

In total, 20 members and at most 20 vice members will be chosen in the election. The Representative Council will be elected with proportional representation.

You can vote in the election if you 1) are studying in a degree programme in Haaga-Helia and 2) have paid the student union membership fee latest on 21.10.2022 at 12 o’clock. Voting is done via voting platform built in Tuudo app or online if necessary. The voting is done electronically.

Here are the candidates listed by alliance:

Helgan punavihreät

2 Janina Brunfeldt
3 Ilmari Immonen
4 Werneri Mesimäki
5 Diana Muraskina
6 Mari Rautanen

HH United

7 Riikka Akkanen
8 Arsi Koskinen
9 Sara Lahtinen
10 Joni Lappalainen
11 Jenni Moisander
12 Aleksi Nikander
13 Matti Pussinen

Petrol Blues

14 Emil Aalto
15 Sebastian Bergman
16 Simo Halme
17 Satu Hurme
18 Miron Juhanpelto
19 Santtu Körkkö
20 Ville Lahtinen
21 Niko Lavikainen
22 Kaisa Manner
23 Hà Linh Phan Nguyễn
24 Anna Orivuori
25 Saara Ukkonen
26 Eemeli Valli
27 Tahko Väänänen

Kokoomuksen Opiskelijat

28 Elle Filander

Helgan Vihreät

29 Leia Alapuranen
30 Saku Laitinen

More information can be found from the rules and the administrative rules.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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